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Every Leaf In Springtime 36/43

Every Leaf In Springtime 36/43 published on 1 Comment on Every Leaf In Springtime 36/43

Cameos: Tsukino Usagi and Hino Rei, hearing it in Japan.

Alucard: Now do what you just did, but think “tree.”

Integra: Understood.

Integra (thinking): Hear me now, Forest. We mean you no harm. We intend to depart as quickly as possible. For this to happen, however, you must release our vehicle. Do so immediately, or we will take it from your gaps by force.

We will not hesitate to tear off your limbs if necessary.


Usagi: {Are you all right, Rei-chan?}

Rei: {Headache. Someone’s yelling loudly at trees.}

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