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Random Haruhi Interlude

Random Haruhi Interlude published on 1 Comment on Random Haruhi Interlude

Haruhi: Hello, everybody! Your doujinshi-ka is busy today, so your Sunday strip will be hosted by me, Nishizono Haruhi-chan, author of the exciting new novel…

Nenene: Haruhi-san, what are you doing?

Haruhi: Ah! Sensei! I heard you were doing the strip today, so I decided to help you out!

Nenene: What kind of use do you think you have? You’re a one-joke side character in the Read Or Die TV series. You have no relevance to the plot and a flat personality.

Haruhi: Yes, but I’m simple!

Nenene: You got that right. Wait, what?

Haruhi: The plot of the show is very complicated. Like your books. It can get hard to follow. Meanwhile, I am completely predictable. It gives the viewers a break from tracking the complexities.

You can always count on me to be energetic and cheerful!

Nenene: That’s actually a fair point.

Integra: As long as I don’t have to put up with her, it’s all right.

Yumiko: Oh, but her novel is SO adorable!

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