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Friendship published on 1 Comment on Friendship

This is my friend Josh. He lends me The West Wing; I lend him Hellsing. It’s like the Circle of Life, only with TV shows.

The real world.

Friend: What are you doing?

Erin: Comics.

Friend: You have a comic?

Erin: Yep. I put it online.

Friend: Can I be in it?

Erin: No.

Friend: Why not?

Erin: You’d die.

Friend: Are you sure about that?

Erin: All the other characters are either vampires or very good with guns.

Civilians and extras tend to get eaten.

Friend: Oh.

What if you did a comic about how I want to be in a comic?

Erin: But that wouldn’t be funny.

Friend: Well, what if I “forgot” to lend you the next season of The West Wing?

Erin: Okay, okay, I’m drawing here!

Friend: You know my eyes are thicker and closer together than that, right?

Erin: Yeah, but it’s anime.

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