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Research & Development 15/20

Research & Development 15/20 published on 1 Comment on Research & Development 15/20

The barrier – which you’ll see if you look closely – is crumbled Host, also used to vampire-proof dirt in Dracula.

Bunnicula was a cool book. Apparently there was a whole series, including lots of gimmicky things like a joke book and a pop-up book, but I can only vouch for the niftiness of the original story.

Seras: There he is. Walter!

Walter: Ah, Miss Victoria. Good morning!

Seras: Good morning!

Walter: Careful — don’t get too close. There’s a barrier to vampires around the garden.

Seras: Okay. Um, why?

Walter: To keep undead rabbits from getting at the vegetables. Didn’t you ever read Bunnicula?

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