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Statistics with Reseda

Statistics with Reseda published on 1 Comment on Statistics with Reseda

You do remember Reseda, right? Introduced in this storyline, made her first human-form appearance in this strip. She’ll be back (and get more character development) eventually.

Reseda: What’re you up to?

Erin: Well, I just bought a llama, and now I’m looking over the site’s statistics for last year.

Reseda: Anything interesting?

Erin: Apparently my readers have a lower tolerance for religious geekery than I do.

Hits fell during the Catholicon storyline. They’ve been going back up since, but slowly.

Reseda: How good were they before?

Erin: During the Read or Die crossover they reached record highs.

Maybe the fast-paced drama keeps people checking back more often.

Reseda: Or maybe they just like Xuanwu’s ideas better than yours.

Erin: I’ll have you know YOU didn’t appear all year, and it hasn’t hurt the readings at all.

Reseda: Oh, sure, rub it in. How many people do you think are reading to see you wax philosophical?

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