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Hellsing Art Meme

Hellsing Art Meme published on 1 Comment on Hellsing Art Meme

Filler art, or rather Filler Meme From The Future, originally posted here.

1. So, are you a Hellsing fan, and how long?

The year was 2001. I was a freshman in high school. We had an anime club. Someone brought in Hellsing. The rest is history.

2. And who is your fav Hellsing character?


There’s also a special place in my heart for Yumiko, sweetheart with a crazy side that she is. And the baobhan sith. Do you remember her? I do! She rocked! And Maxwell…and Helena…and Alucard…and…

3. What do you like on her/him?

Integra: Attack!
Alucard: Yes, Master!

She’s awesome. She’s incredibly competent and incredibly tough and she puts up with no nonsense. She gets mad at people who mess with her, and then has them taken care of.

4. What was your first expression on her/him?

Watching the opening credits for the very first time: “…Well, he’s angry.”

Watching Order 03: “WOOHOO! You tell ’em!”

5. Favorite pair with your character?

“Give me an order, Master!” / “This pleases me, Count.”

6. Your hated Hellsing character?

Remember him? For those who haven’t seen the TV anime: this is Incognito, the Big Bad that the animators made up because there were only three manga volumes and they needed an ending.

7. What do you hate on her/him?

He has no mythological basis! All the manga characters do! The other anime-only characters did! The whole rest of the series does! but not him!

Also, his design is terrible! He looks like the designer ran out of ideas and started scribbling! He looks ridiculous! Gah!

8. What about Hellsing RP?

I’ve tried it, but I’m not very good at it. I’m bad at RPing anyway, and I can’t fake the confidence/anger necessary to play Integra. (I still cosplay her, though.)

9. Try to draw Alucard in other clothes (even in a pink tutu)

For the revolution of the world!

(Seriously. The Major’s whole plan is to control him in order to revolutionize the world.)

10. Are you a Hellsing Yaoi fan or Yuri fan?

Depends on the pairing. My OTPs include IntegraxAlucard, PipxSeras, GirlycardxYoung!Walter, and HeinkelxYumiko. So it’s a healthy mix.

Baobhan sith: Yuri! *munch munch*
Integra: Um…

11. Now tag some of your Hellsing friends!

To all the readers of And Shine Heaven Now: Go ye forth and meme!

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