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Adventures of Shoujocard: The Fiancée

Adventures of Shoujocard: The Fiancée published on No Comments on Adventures of Shoujocard: The Fiancée

Alucard The Shoujo Drama Character

Shoujocard: It’s decided! Today is the day that I confess my love!

Integra-sama, may I tell you something?

Integra: Yes, Shoujocard?

Shoujocard: Um…who is that with you?

Integra: Oh, this? Why, this is my fiancée, Laura.

“Laura”: Pleased to meet you!

Integra: What did you want to tell me?

Shoujocard: Um…it was nothing. Excuse me!

Shoujocard (thinking): Oh no! This woman is beautiful, soft-spoken, elegant, and busty — she’s much more of a lady than I am! If she’s my rival in love, I can’t win!

Will Shoujocard’s true love win out, or will the elegant fiancée defeat her? Pick up the next issue of Shoujo Bite to read more!

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