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College Sketches #3

College Sketches #3 published on No Comments on College Sketches #3

The problem text here is from the De Veaux and Velleman’s Intro Stats, by Pearson Addison Wesley publishing.

Enrico: Sketchy again? Break out the bayonets, Alex.

Alex: With pleasure.

Enrico: All right, miss “doujinshi-ka”, what’s keeping you from producing a quality comic this time? Searching for more “Talking to Americans” clips? Rereading old fan mail? Looking through other lousy comics for punchlines to borr…


Textbook: After the political ad campaign described in Exercise 1a, pollsters test the hypothesis that the ads produced no change against the alternative that the negatives are now below 30%, and find a P-value of 0.22. Which conclusion is appropriate?

Enrico: We’ll just be off and let you work on this, then.

Alex: Psst…the answer is D.

Erin: Thanks! Now just do the other twelve problems and I’ll be all set.

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