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Those Meddling Kids 10/10

Those Meddling Kids 10/10 published on 1 Comment on Those Meddling Kids 10/10

Many, many people saw this one coming. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

And a happy Halloween to all!

Freddie: Um…

Daphne: Pull off his mask?

Shaggy: Like, you just had to ask, didn’t you?!

Scooby: Reah, really!

Velma: Say, Daphne, what happened to your coat?

Daphne: No comment.

[Limited release complete. See you next time!]

Those Meddling Kids 9/10

Those Meddling Kids 9/10 published on 1 Comment on Those Meddling Kids 9/10

Freddie: We’ve solved the mystery, gang!

Daphne: The butler did it!

Freddie: He’s trying to get the family fortune.

Daphne: So he set up the vampire hoax to…to…

…What’s holding you up?

Integra: That would be the “vampire hoax.”

Shaggy: Like, it’s real this time, guys.

Scooby: Reah. Real.

Those Meddling Kids 8/10

Those Meddling Kids 8/10 published on 1 Comment on Those Meddling Kids 8/10

Velma: We run into cases like this all the time, you see…

Seras: You deal with vampires, too?

Velma: Vampires, werewolves, ghosts…all kinds of spooky hoaxes!

Seras: Wait…hoaxes?

Velma: Exactly! Superstitions about monsters are usually just invented to scare people away.

And that usually happens when there’s a crime somebody’s trying to cover up. What we do is catch and unmask the criminals. When we heard the vampire story here, we decided to help!

Seras: That’s very generous of you, but, well…there are real vampires here.

Velma: They’re never real! Although my friends fall for it every time.

There they are now!

Seras: And there’s a vampire!

Velma: …Bzuh?

Seras: Master, please stop terrorizing the visitors!

Those Meddling Kids 5/10

Those Meddling Kids 5/10 published on No Comments on Those Meddling Kids 5/10

(The shot they heard was just something at the firing range, nothing sinister.)

Freddie: Let’s split up! you guys go that way, we’ll go this way!

Velma: Right! We’ll split up and look for clues!

Shaggy: Yeah…clues…

Scooby: I don’t rike rhis…

Shaggy: Yeah…this place is creepy, man…


Shaggy: Yikes!

Scooby: Rhikes!


Velma: Whoa!

Velma (thinking): I have got to get a chain for these things…

Those Meddling Kids 4/10

Those Meddling Kids 4/10 published on No Comments on Those Meddling Kids 4/10

Integra: We’re going to have you escorted away. This is not a safe place for civilians.

Shagy: N-not, like, s-safe?

Integra: Yes. There are vampires here.

Scooby: R-rampires?

Freddie: Looks like a mystery, gang!

Daphne! We’d better investigate!

Integra: …what?

Velma: Don’t worry, sir! We’ll have this cleared up for you in no time!

Adventures of Shoujocard: The Fiancée

Adventures of Shoujocard: The Fiancée published on No Comments on Adventures of Shoujocard: The Fiancée

Alucard The Shoujo Drama Character

Shoujocard: It’s decided! Today is the day that I confess my love!

Integra-sama, may I tell you something?

Integra: Yes, Shoujocard?

Shoujocard: Um…who is that with you?

Integra: Oh, this? Why, this is my fiancée, Laura.

“Laura”: Pleased to meet you!

Integra: What did you want to tell me?

Shoujocard: Um…it was nothing. Excuse me!

Shoujocard (thinking): Oh no! This woman is beautiful, soft-spoken, elegant, and busty — she’s much more of a lady than I am! If she’s my rival in love, I can’t win!

Will Shoujocard’s true love win out, or will the elegant fiancée defeat her? Pick up the next issue of Shoujo Bite to read more!

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