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College Sketches 2

College Sketches 2 published on No Comments on College Sketches 2

Integra: We’re still sketchy.

Alucard: And what is up with my hair?

Walter: Erin sent us another letter. “Still working hard up here. Please cover Sunday for”

Integra: That’s enough.

Walter: Yes, sir.

Integra: She’s not working.

She’s wasting her time watching “Talking To Americans” on Youtube!

YouTube: Congratulations, Canada, on preserving your national igloo!

Erin: But, but, it’s funnier than I’ll ever be!

YouTube: Congratulations, Canada, on getting FM radio!

Integra: Actually, that is pretty funny.

Walter: In a sad way.

Alucard: What about my hair?

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