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Convention Of Fanatic Generation 13/59

Convention Of Fanatic Generation 13/59 published on No Comments on Convention Of Fanatic Generation 13/59

Our reader is Remeth (who worked at the art show at AggieCon, the largest student-run sci-fi con in the country). She’s cosplaying a Sith, but this storyline takes place before the second Star Wars trilogy, so let’s just say she’s a demon or something.

Enrico (thinking): Okay, the Dante reading’s in the Lady Chapel, which is…behind me.

Heinkel: Sorry, this seat’s reserved.

Enrico: For me, I hope.

Heinkel: Ah, Chief, it’s you!

You’re lucky I got here early. This place is packed.

Enrico: There’s no room for Yumiko to sit…

Heinkel: That’s okay.

She said she didn’t want to hear the Inferno, so she’ll show up later. When the reader gets to Paradiso, we’ll probably be the only people still here.

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