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Convention Of Fanatic Generation 11/59

Convention Of Fanatic Generation 11/59 published on No Comments on Convention Of Fanatic Generation 11/59

The two volunteers chatting in the upper right are BlueMew (volunteer at Tekkoshocon, panelist at Ohayocon and Otakon) and Dart-chan (volunteer at Philcon). Dart-chan’s cosplaying a moogle, though Enrico doesn’t get it.

Narration: I wasn’t going to be in the masquerade, so I was happy to help Alex by taking photos.

Like this garish St. Patrick. Or this Mary with a live Baby Jesus. At the food court, a Martin Luther. People love the bad guys. And some things that were just plain weird.

Enrico: She’ll get points for originality, if nothing else.

Definition Corner: St. Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland. You should know Martin Luther from A Brief History of Christianity. The bush on fire is from the book of Exodus; God used it to speak to Moses.

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