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Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Time Travel Questions

Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Time Travel Questions published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Time Travel Questions

A sort-of imitation of the Kevin and Kell style.

Erin: Before it comes completely off-topic, let me answer some questions asked while we were traveling through time.

Reader: If Seras is regressing…
1. Why is she still a vampire?
2. Does this mean one of her ancestors is also in danger?

Erin: Seras’ “child vampire” state was just one of the random changes cuased by the time travel. (Other examples: Nenene became older and learned Engrish, but Pip became older and didn’t learn anything.) Integral came out of the portal normal. Her regression started later.

I’d explain exactly why the portal did what it did, but it would require some very advanced technobabble.

Reader: If Wells exploded like Alucard said, how is he going to write his book?

Erin: A young Wells, before writing The Time Machine, traveled with the Doctor for a bit — including to times after the book had been written. We saw him once. The Wells who exploded was the I-jin, a clone created long after the book had been written anyway. So, no worries.

Reader: Shame she’s blown up the Wells from a different timeline.

Erin: It’s actually the same timeline — just fixed, and with the plot holes gone, and with the OVA designs. The fixing shook it up a bit, but you can’t use Wells’ time machine to go to different time machines, just places in yours.

The other timelines get fixed in assorted ways. One day I’ll write some of those stories.

And finally:

Reader: What’s Hellsing like in the Kevin and Kell universe?

Erin: Something like this? Father Renaldo’s a bird, of course, because the birds secretly control everything.

Maxwell: Hellsing sow.

Integra: Speciesist.

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