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Fangirls Are All The Same 12/40

Fangirls Are All The Same 12/40 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are All The Same 12/40

Whatever Walter’s wires may be made of, the fans use genuine super-strong floss.

Integra: If you really want to be helpful, you could get my butler safely to the floor.

Integra-cosplayer: Hey, you’re right! Trisha — make it so!

Trisha-cosplayer: Right away, milady! Now I can just lower you down.

Walter: It’s not the most dignified rescue, but it’ll do.

Integra fan 1: Women in suits are so utterly hot, and Integra wears a suit so she’s so utterly hot and if there was a word for perfectionawseomness it would be Integra! All hail the awesome that equals Integra!

Pip fan 1: The Brittanica Cowboy! Be still, my beating heart.

Pip fan 2: almost like a whip, HA! INDIANA PIP! He’s not only the man, he’s the badass pimp. And…um…that’s all I got, I’ll be quiet now.

Alucard fan 1: And he’s got GUNS! Nice shiny guns, and a slave and a master, and ooh… kinky.

Seras fan 1: creamy complexion! Alucard be damned! Integra be damned! It is you, and you alone that keeps Hellsing interesting! Oh, Seras Victoria, what I would give for but a fraction of your prowess,

Walter fan 1: The monocle, the wire, the knowledgeable, confident attitude; everything is just so perfect! Ok, I admit, Integra and Alucard run a close 2nd in my obsession, but you are the one who ties them all together!

Seras fan 2: licked Integra’s hand that one time, so maybe she ought to go do that, maybe even a little kiss,

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