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Fangirls Are All The Same 10/40

Fangirls Are All The Same 10/40 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are All The Same 10/40

KitsuneSam the Alucard fangirl, like both the Pip fans so far, is an AxP shipper.

Seras: Captain!


Pip: What just happened?

Seras: I just gave up what might’ve been the hottest sight of my life for you. Be grateful.

Alucard: Good work, police girl.

Alucard fan 1: I love the way he thinks, I love him! I love him! I love him!

Pip fan 1: His devil-may-care smile! That kick ass eyepatch and that long braid to play with! I mean, Alucard is undead and Walter’s got his dental-floss-of death, but Pip’s got GUNS! And that’s all he needs aside from someone to love him like I do! Plus he had a guitar on one of the chapter covers, which is all the more reason to see why he’s such an ideal guy! The man can rock and kick your butt at the same time no problem!

Heinkel fan: The glasses just add to the smex, and that lovely BUST don’t even get me started. Yeah that’s right, pull out that gun and strike a pose. (and maybe draw Yumiko a bit closer!)

Alucard fan 2: Alucard is awesome. *squeal* I have to sit back and just stare at Alucard sometimes! Like on page 91 of volume 6! *flails* Sex on legs! SEX ON LEGS I TELL YOU! He beats everyone. PWNAGE ONTO ALL! I adore him.

Seras fan: Your strength inhuman, your perfect, ample figure!

Integra fan: intelligent, beautiful, independent, arrogant, ironical

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