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Fangirls Are All The Same 3/40

Fangirls Are All The Same 3/40 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are All The Same 3/40

Abbi’s joined by fellow Walter fangirls: Sandy, and then Hikari.

Nenene (Japanese): {What did she say?}

Yomiko: {She apologized to us for the inconvenience.}

Nenene: {Apologized to you, maybe. She only said your name.}

Integra: Walter?

Walter (thinking): Sir Integra needs me! But if I get up…


…I’m going to fracture something the next time this happens.

Fangirl 1: He’s also refreshingly relaxed — he’s just the sort of calming presence that the rest of Hellsing needs. Just because he’s usually mild-mannered doesn’t mean that he won’t own you, though. In conclusion: Walter Needs Your Love!

Fangirl 2: omg walterisDAMAN!XD I luv how he swings his wires around it’s so cool! teh monocle rox!!! it makes him look so sexy I want to grab his little ponytail and play with it! he is the coolest butler ever. So quiet, but so good at what he does, that’s the best part about him!

Fangirl 3: OHMIGOSH WALTER! How can everyone not just love him! He’s the sexiest old guy ever! And he kicks everyone else’s butts. And he makes awesome tea, I wish he’s make me some tea. And he has the coolest weapons ever, I mean, who else could kill people with dental floss, that takes some serious skillz. He was so cute when he was younger, and only got better as he got older!

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