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Not Quite Victoria’s England 103/120

Not Quite Victoria’s England 103/120 published on No Comments on Not Quite Victoria’s England 103/120

Cameos: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, from FMA.

The General Mish Mash of Everything is well-named: It holds residents from every possible version of every shredded timeline.

Alt!Fundamental: Ooh! There are lots of Alexes!

Some are just a few years ahead of ours…

…Others are a bit behind.

Alt!Arthur: Aw, please don’t fight…

Alt!Walter: Like it’s my fault he’s turned into a pansy.

Most, though, are identical to ours up to a point — at which some fundamental hcange sent it off in a different direction.

Riza: You ever get the feeling we’re giving something away, just by being here?

Roy: No, why?

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