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Not Quite Victoria’s England 94/120

Not Quite Victoria’s England 94/120 published on No Comments on Not Quite Victoria’s England 94/120

Cameo: Kryten, from Red Dwarf.

Hakim: Oh, I see. Okay, it’s not a plot hole. So what is it?

Kryten: I’ve never seen one before — no one has — but I’m guessing it’s a white hole.

Hakim: A white hole?

Death: No, no, ignore the mechanoid. This is a paradox: a state that contradicts itself. The past cannot lead to the future that led to this past. (This is what happens when you mess with my job.)

Hakim: Shouldn’t that be causing problems for, oh, I don’t know, existence as we know it?

Death: It is. What, the appearance of a robot from 3,000,000 years in the future didn’t tip you off?

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