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All’s Well That Ends Wells 56/120

All’s Well That Ends Wells 56/120 published on No Comments on All’s Well That Ends Wells 56/120

Seras: Where are we goin’ again, Mr. Pip?

Pip: To stop the I-jin Wells.

Because he is connected with the theft of Hellsing family records, Sir Integral believes he’s trying to cripple Hellsing in the present by killing an ancestor of hers in the past. So we are going to find Abraham Van Helsing and see if he needs our help. Integral, Alucard, and the two from the Vatican are going to protect another possible target.

Seras: Ohh. I see.

An’ how come I gotta wear these clothes? They’re itchy!

Pip: Hey, you, Integral pawned a very nice watch to get these disguises, so don’t complain. *sigh* I’m never having kids.

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