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Shine or Die 25/120

Shine or Die 25/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 25/120

And now you know how Integra doesn’t get lost in the bilingual conversation.

Integra (thinking): Alucard, if any more Japanese is spoken, be ready to translate for me again.

Integra: Walter, make us some tea. You two — Iscariot agent Heinkel, and your friend: Stay out of the way.

Walter: Yes, sir.

Integra: Miss Sumiregawa, please try to stay out of the way as well. As for you, Agent Paper…

Yomiko: {She asks you to stay out of the way.}

Nenene: {I’ll try.}

Integra: Unless Joker’s told you the whole story, you’re probably wondering what you’ve come here for.

Stay tuned for…The Plot!

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