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Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Big Ol’ Bunch of Questions Day

Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Big Ol’ Bunch of Questions Day published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Big Ol’ Bunch of Questions Day

This was obviously written to go up last Sunday, but I thought up a specifically-New-Year’s joke at the last minute (literally – I was drawing as the ball dropped).

Erin: I haven’t done one of these for a while, so the questions have really been building up. Let’s see how many I can answer in one go!

Q: Are you ever going to have any PipxSeras?

Erin: I do try. Pip just sucks at being romantic. He’ll get lucky when I run out of jokes to make about that.

Q: “…OVA…”

Erin: If you haven’t heard about this, you are really out of the loop. Read my OVA news page, and watch the Hellsing LJ from now on.

Q: I want to see more AxI / more of / You don’t write enough about Alucard any more! / Valentine brothers / romantic / You need to write more about Iscariot! / some AAxA!

Erin: Come on, people, there are only seven days in a week! I appreciate knowing what you like, but I can’t write everything at once. Be patient!

Q: How far in advance do you write your comics?

Erin: It varies. For example, this comic was drawn on December 2, but I’m typing these words on the 23rd. I usually draw dailies a month or so in advance; Sundays (which can go up in any order) are far more varied in lead time.

I like to have a two-week “buffer zone”uploaded in advance; usually I have the next 1-2 weeks done. (I built up a few months’ worth of strips before starting; at worst, I’ve been rushing to finish a strip for the next day.)

Q: How did you get your sleeves like that?

Erin: I was picking at a loose thread on a cuff of this turtleneck, and ended up ripping it completely off the sleeve. So I pulled off the other cuff, rolled them both up, and put them on my arms. It worked out very well.

Q: Dear Stephen, how did you get to be so cool? Stan Shunpike, Madison, WI

Erin: You know, I think you may have the wrong address.

Q: Do you ever make up these questions?

Erin: Actually, never. (Until today.) Happy New Year!

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