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Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Dinner

Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Dinner published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Dinner

Dandy: We have escaped the revelry of my countrymen.

Rip: This country is crazy.

Major: Rip Van Winkle! Tubalcain Alhambra! Schrödinger!

All: Yes, Herr, Major!

Major: We’ve been waiting for you and the food is getting cold. Get in here.

Doc: “Operation”? You shouldn’t have!

Captain: …

Zorin: A hemp tattoo kit?

Dandy: Now you will be able to test designs before committing to them.

Rip: A wonder bra?! Schrö!

Schrö: A ball of yarn! How did you know?

Major: You can all get back to your presents after dinner.

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