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Tu Seras Avec Moi 43/43

Tu Seras Avec Moi 43/43 published on No Comments on Tu Seras Avec Moi 43/43

(Limited release complete. See you next time!)

Pip: …and now she’s not even slapping me — just acting super-polite and smiley when I’m around. And then she’s always giving me these looks!

I tell you, I never thought I could get a girl to hate me by taking her to Paris.

Guy #2: Women! There’s no figuring ’em.

Pip: Well, I give up. I’m going back to the old-fashioned way of ticking her off. Easier an’ cheaper.

Geese: Hear, hear. / Good for you, Cap. / Um, what exactly is the “old-fashioned way”?

Pip: The Eskimo Song.

Libération complète de la puissance. À la prochaine fois!

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