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Tu Seras Avec Moi 19/43

Tu Seras Avec Moi 19/43 published on No Comments on Tu Seras Avec Moi 19/43

This guy’s a section chief, highest-ranking Wild Goose on this mission (aside from Pip, who isn’t technically on it). The ranking officer under Pip, the vice captain, is back in London, overseeing operations for the Geese who didn’t come.

Section Chief: Has Bernadette shown up yet?

Pip: I’m here, yeah. What’s the news.

SC: Nothing. Not a sign of it. But our intelligence says this one doesn’t come out every night.

Pip: Then you’ll be staying another 24 hours.

SC: Yes, sir. What about you?

Pip: I’ll try to. If not, you can handle yourselves alone this time.

SC: So, how’d you get Victoria to stay here for the day?

Pip: Told her I’d drunk too much to fly.

SC: And she believed that?

Pip: She’s never lost a drinking contest to me, unlike most of you blokes….

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