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Oopsy, Rosie 10/24

Oopsy, Rosie 10/24 published on No Comments on Oopsy, Rosie 10/24

Pip’s thoughts: “The mignonnette [his nickname for Seras] is really mad . . . but I want to be her friend. Maybe I should do something for her . . . like a gift . . .”

Later, in a miscellaneous bar…

Guy #1: Waiter! Another round of Guinness!

Pip (thinking): La mignonette est vraiment fachée…mais je veux être son ami. Peut-être je doit faire quelque chose pour elle…comme un cadeau…

Guy #1: Hey, boss! What’s on your mind?

Pip: Seras Victoria.

Guy #1: Join the club!

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