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Oopsy, Rosie 1/24

Oopsy, Rosie 1/24 published on No Comments on Oopsy, Rosie 1/24

Much of the dialog in the following scene comes from an AIM conversation with the appropriately usernamed Pip Bernadette.

Note from The Future: I have so much retroactive *facepalm* at most of this storyline. And not just the lines I didn’t write, either. Pip gets better later, honest.

Pip: Hey, boss! So how do I look in the uniform?

Integra: …Official. Captain, I called you here because a complaint against you has been raised which needs to be addressed.

I’m sure you can guess why.

Pip: Haven’t a clue, boss.

Integra: It was raised by senior officer Seras Victoria.

Pip: Oh. Now I do.

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