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Fangirls Are Hell – Flashback

Fangirls Are Hell – Flashback published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell – Flashback

That’s the present-day Catherine the Sett fangirl.

Sett: I remember my firssst encounter with a fangirl…

Fangirl: Set is amazing – first of all, he’s a God, which makes him way, way more powerful than any little vampire. He’s a God who killed another God, even, so you know he could take on just about anyone and win, because it’s not like Alucard is going to be any more powerful than Osiris. What can you say about someone whose titles include “He Before Whom The Sky Shakes” and “Lord of the Desert,” really? Set was the protector of Lower Egypt for a really long time, which means he’s not one of those gods who hang out in the Never-Never and ignore humanity. Sure, he made a lot of mistakes, but he’s never been completely evil and there’s always been *reasons* for the things that he did, and you could actually blame a lot of his bad press on Horus, who always had it in for him. This is a God who actually pays attention to what his followers want, and tries to give it to them. He’s a sky-Netjer who specifically controls storms, so he’s got lightning and thunder any time he wants it. The guy is was the very symbol of strength to the Egyptians – Set was who you went to for destruction, if you needed it, and he’s the personification of darkness. Way niftier than a creature that creeps around slurping blood and phasing through walls and hates sunlight.

Sett: Sssadly, I do not recall how ssshe was at last removed.

Though I sssussspect it had sssomething to do with a virgin sssacrificcce.

Laura: That’s your solution to everything, isn’t it?

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