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The Journeys of Paul 16/24

The Journeys of Paul 16/24 published on No Comments on The Journeys of Paul 16/24

Enrico’s quoting Paul’s letter to the Ephesians in the first panel (although he gets a little off track with it), and again in the third panel. (So they’re in Ephesus right now.)

Cameos: …I think that’s supposed to be young Ishtar on Darres’s back (Vampire Game), but I couldn’t swear to it.

Enrico: And, wives, submit to your husbands…actually, women in general shouldn’t be in charge at all…especially not of rival organizations…

Heinkel: Excuse me.

Enrico: Do you mind? I’m trying to establish a church here.

Heinkel: So am I.

Enrico: Oh. Well, in that case…

Okay, believers — remember what I told you about using the “Sword of the Spirit”?

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