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Cats Are People Too 49/54

Cats Are People Too 49/54 published on No Comments on Cats Are People Too 49/54

Yeah, you get a battle scene after all. If only for the sake of some exposition.

Alucard (telepathy): It’s question and answer time.

Reseda (telepathy): Fine by me.

Alucard: That night when you went into Integra’s room. Why?

Reseda: Well, first of all, to see if you’d figured me out yet.

Alucard: You doubted it?

Reseda: I was pretty sure you had.

Alucard: Why else?

Reseda: To see what you’d do.

Alucard: Explain.

Reseda: Oh, come on.

There’s a strong, healthy, able young human around, and you seem to have your eye on her, and you haven’t turned her yet? Either you didn’t want her becomign a vampire, or something else was holding you back. Of course, I didn’t know about the whole “Master” thing.

Alucard: Did somebody send you?

Reseda: I think they’re rubbing off on you. Not everything is a conspiracy.

Alucard: Someone has been making cheap copies of us with a combination of technology and sorcery. They sent a strong undead to fight me. Hence the suspicion.

Reseda: I sent myself. Relax.

Alucard: So that little prank was about nothing more than curiosity?

Reseda: Yep.

Alucard: Curiosity killed the cat, you know.

Reseda: No problem. I’m already dead.

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