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The Trouble With Puritanism 7/18

The Trouble With Puritanism 7/18 published on No Comments on The Trouble With Puritanism 7/18

Erin: For the record, these guys are from the Iscariot Organization — Hellsing’s Catholic rivals. They disapprove of using vampires, and are no strangers to religious intolerance. They’ll fit right in with the whole Puritan thing. (Barring the bit where Puritans hate Catholics.)

Alex: Assassin with big knives. Priest.

Yumiko: Split-personality assassin with a katana. Nun.

Heinkel: Assassin with traditional guns.

Enrico Maxwell: The boss. Priest.

Enrico: Just so you know, Integra, I will have you crushed like the heretic you are at the earliest opportunity.

Integra: Except that we’re both Puritans now, which means we consider Anglicans and Catholics heretics, but not each other.

Enrico: Ooh, good point. Drat.

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