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The Trouble With Puritanism 1/18

The Trouble With Puritanism 1/18 published on No Comments on The Trouble With Puritanism 1/18

Erin: Okay, here’s the deal. I have a school assignment to “express characteristics of Puritanism or transcendentalism” in just about any form. People have done sculptures. People have done interpretive dance. I, of course, am going to do it through comics.

Specifically, I’m taking these characters (mostly Anglicans by nature) and forcing them to be Puritans for a few weeks. Brief introductions here, for those unfamiliar with the Hellsing series (i.e. the teacher):

The Hellsing Organization: Secret British group of vampire hunters.

Sir Integral: The boss. Calm, cool, controlled, stoic, strict, nifty.

Alucard: Vampire owned by Integral. (It’s a long story.) Creepy and confident.

Seras: Newbie vampire in the group. (Another long story.) Backbone developing.

Pip: Captain of Hellsing’s soldiers. Heart of gold, mind of gutter, crush on Seras.

Walter: The butler. Unassuming, soft-spoken. Makes good tea.

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