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Little Enrico’s Halloween 7/7

Little Enrico’s Halloween 7/7 published on No Comments on Little Enrico’s Halloween 7/7

Enrico: Yeah!

Heinkel: That was amazing!

Heinkel (present): Oh please.

That is not how it happened and you know it.

Enrico: Now really, Heinkel! Who’s telling this story, anyway?

Actually, I shouldn’t be telling this at all tonight of all nights, I can’t relax and let my duties be neglected.

Heinkel: Alex was in costume as the Grim Reaper. When he came in, Enrico and Yumiko got scared and ran off. Upon finding them, it took Enrico’s mom ten minutes to talk them into coming out from under the bed.

Renaldo: Ah.

Heinkel: Happy Halloween, by the way.

Limited release complete. See you next time!

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