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Return of the Fangirls 69/107

Return of the Fangirls 69/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 69/107

Yes, it’s another massive sloppy sketch to get the rest of the rants out of the way. (Integra’s line was adapted from a line in a fanfic.)

Integra: Take your face out of my neck or I’ll stake you myself.

Alucard: That’s easier said than done.

Fan 1: you can definitely tell that he cares about his master, and I would kill to be his fangirl, oh please please please!

Fan 2: bad*** and Alucard has the coolest smile in the world and Alucard has the coolest guns ever and whenever Alucard kills a bad guy I get all warm and squishy inside!

Fan 3: cute pointy nose and the big guns which are AWESOME and the cool red eyes and that cute adorable grin when you’re angry and sexy voice and hair and eyes and lasses and sexy voice and the guns and the SUPER HAND OF DOOM! And the sexy voice and master and pink wrappy thingies on your hat and knee-high boots and DID I MENTION TEH SEXY VOICE?!?!

Fan 4: Now, my knowledge comes mostly from the manga, so, bear with me a bit. The whole thing where he turned into the Hellhound I thought was just the greatest thing since sliced bread! Plus, he’s got the absolute sexiest voice!!

Fan 5: I love him with every fiber of my being and Alucard is just so kick-arse and Alucard’s got those amazing guns and Alucard can do anything and I would give my immortal soul to him and Alucard is the one whom I idolize and I want to be Alucard when I grow up and Alucard’s so sexy and so hot and Alucard’s the most awsome vampire in all of anime and Alucard and kill anyone and Alucard is so cool and keeps everything under control and Alucard has such a nifty outfit and his eyes are the bestest shade of red in the world and Alucard will never give up and he’s always willing to fight for the ones he honors and Alucard should be everyone’s role model…

Fan 6: being too saccharine about it and every time I watch episode 13, I keep rewinding to the last scene where he awaits Integra’s order and he’s so sexy with the blood dripping from his white glove…

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