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Return of the Fangirls 18b/107

Return of the Fangirls 18b/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 18b/107

This isn’t a cheap cop-out because the sketch and text arrangement took as long as a comic would have taken anyway. *nods*

There’ll be no comic today, in honor of, um… Superman’s birthday. Or meteor day. Or Flag Day. In, er, Tanzania. So instead you get this pretty sketch of Alucard.

Fan 1: fantastic and infinitely spiffier than anyone else’s morning-hair. And he’s well-groomed without even trying. And he’s got the niftiest hat. And his sunglasses are so neat. And he just laughs when he gets shot in the head which is so cool and I wish I could do that but I can’t because I’ll probably be dead, being mortal and all. And he’s immortal which is peachy keen because he’ll stay sexy forever. And he’s got the most awe-inspiring set of guns. And he can turn into bats and pools of blood and eyes and insects which is outright marvelous. And his psychopathic dacnomaniacal laughs are so cute. And Alucards ties are delectably dandy and they match with Integra’s which is adorable. And his gloves are super…

Fan 2: has a spiffy red hat and Alucard dresses so nice and Alucard has mesmerizing eyes and Alucard has awesome weaponry and I love the way Alucard gets on Integra’s nerves and Alucard is so sexy and Alucard is so handsome and…and…I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!

Fan 3: Did you know Alucard spelled backwards is Dracula? I just love it when Alucard gets all insane and violent when he finds a good fight. I felt so sad for him when he killed Luke so easily! I love it when he’s a hellhound and I would cuddle him to death if I could without having an arm ripped off! ^^ I love his big red coat, glasses, hat and especially his eye!!! I love his reeeeed eyes O_O That’s the best thing about that vampiric man.

Fan 4: whole bunch of knives sticking out of his body and he was so sexy in the outfit in Order 10 and he looks great with white hair!

Fan 5: OMG, he looks so good in it too! ‘Specially in the picture where he’s out on the porch with Integra!!! ooooooooo!!!!!!!

Fan 6: to do the control art restriction system! I train every day so I could face Andersong and get great respect from Alucard, lol.

Fan 7: I just love how Alucard insults people so easily and ****es everyone off cause it’s just so cute and he’s so uber hotter when he takes off his glasses and hat….Something tells me I need to shut up and get on with it.

…Okay, I’m just stalling for time so I can get all these fangirls’ rants in. Enjoy the sketch anyway.

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