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Return of the Fangirls 7/107

Return of the Fangirls 7/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 7/107

You knew that the pairing madness had to start at some point.

Fangirl: And her eyes are such a gorgeous blue, I want to get blue contacts just so I can have eyes like Integra Her hair is the coolest ’cause its such a great color and it can defy gravity and

Integra: Maxwell. Get up. Now.

Enrico (thinking): Dear god, this suit does a good job of hiding her figure!

Fangirl: Enrico can do anything, Enrico’s so mysteriously cool!

Integra: Maxwell, listen to me. I know what these fangirls can do. You need to focus and get up before…

Enrico (thinking): She’s so beautiful. When she’s like this… strong, decisive– No! What am I thinking? Focus? But she’s so distracting

What Enrico doesn’t know is that his judgment is currently being clouded by the following:

Fangirls (thinking): Maybe a little IxM. I’m still devoutly AxI, though… / IxM! C’mon! / I know it’s weird, but IxM! / No! No IxM! Only AxI!

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