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Return of the Fangirls 5/107

Return of the Fangirls 5/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 5/107

Enrico: Before you came in, this one was ranting about how cool I am. What’s motivating it?

Fangirl: Prolonged exposure to Integra cannot make you cool…

Enrico: And yours has ranted for even longer…

Integra (thinking): The obvious reply is “That means I’m cooler than you.” You make this too easy.

Fangirl: because she is the coolest of cool and their is no way you can dominate her greatness…

Integra: They all quiet down eventually.

Fangirl: becaaaause Integra’s so cool and has a pet vampire that can chew on things like whoa and you don’t! That’s why!!

Enrico: I think I’m quite ready for this one to shut up now.

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