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Iceland Mission

Iceland Mission published on No Comments on Iceland Mission

Integra: A horizontal line. It is the horizon. An angle, approximately fifteen degrees.

[Doujinshi-ka’s note: If modern art can excel in this world, the cop-out sloppy style can be tolerated for one comic.]

Integra: And thus, the Sun, fifteen degrees above the horizon. What time of day is this?

… Well, if you are in Iceland, it’s noon!

Walter: Integra…

Have you slept at all since you got back from Iceland?

Integra: …

It was ten in the morning and still pitch black!

Walter: All right, bedtime.

Integra: I wanted to tell them: in England, we have this thing called the Sun! And it rises! You should try it sometime!

Disoriented by time changes when traveling?

The Sun (thinking): I know I am…

Try the Integra method: … don’t sleep at all for a few days once you’re back in your own time zone. (side effects may include loss of concentration and appearance of mild insanity. Use at your own risk.)

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