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Desert Island Storyline: Backstage

Desert Island Storyline: Backstage published on No Comments on Desert Island Storyline: Backstage

Cameo: Randy “Ryo” Maclean, from FAKE.

Integra: So how many times did you doze off?

Enrico: Only once! … okay, twice. You looked so tired, I thought I should let you sleep.

Erin: CUT!! Beautiful. Print it. Okay guys, that’s enough for today. Let’s get you cleaned up.

[Random stagehand– or is he? Bonus points if you know what manga he’s from.]

Integra: The “haven’t-showered-for-a-few-days” look is a hassle to keep up.

Enrico: Agreed. By the way… hey, director?

Erin: Yes?

Enrico: I’m just a bit worried about the direction this storyline is going… I mean, it seems like a lot of the jokes revolve around Integra making me look like an idiot. Is the point to expand my relationship with Integra, or get a bunch of cheap laughs at my expense? …

Integra: Cheap laughs.

Enrico: I knew it.

Erin: It’s sad but true. Mousse?

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