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Desert Island Storyline 11/34

Desert Island Storyline 11/34 published on No Comments on Desert Island Storyline 11/34

Enrico (thinking): Well, that went badly… and she’s the one who hasn’t slept for 24 hours! Why couldn’t I keep up my end of the argument? Especially when she can’t possibly be right…

Not to mention slapping her— or rather, trying to. That was just stupid. … my wrist is still tingling… Well thank the Lord for small blessings… I made it through a whole conversation without getting distracted by her—

Integra: By the way…

Enrico (thinking): –legs.

Integra: You’ll want this back, I suppose. Catch.
Enrico’s eye level

Enrico (thinking): Never mind.

Enrico: Er— thanks.

Integra: I’ve put track four on repeat. Listen to it for a while.

Enrico (thinking): As long as I only have to focus enough to press “play”…

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