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Desert Island Storyline 6/34

Desert Island Storyline 6/34 published on No Comments on Desert Island Storyline 6/34

Enrico: True, humans feed on animals, but vampires feed on humans: intelligent creatures, self-aware children God. It’s as unclean as humans practicing cannibalism.

Integra: Hellsing has an arrangement with our country’s branch of the Red Cross: we feed our vampires with blood they deliver. Red blood cells only last 42 days after being donated; we get blood which would otherwise have been discarded.

Enrico (thinking): Did I know that? I can’t remember if I knew that…

Integra: No lives are lost for the sake of keeping Alucard and Seras healthy, and many are saved because of it.

Enrico: All right. So you’ve ameliorated the cost of keeping them around. That doesn’t change their bloodsucking natures.

Integra: So drinking blood is inherently evil?

Enrico: Well, when you put it that way… yes!

Integra: Maxwell, can you please explain the concept of “transubstantiation”?

Enrico: … I hate you.

Mother-of-a-Fangirl’s Definition Corner

Transubstantiation – The Catholic belief that, during Communion, when the Priest breaks the bread and pours the wine and quotes, “This is my body” and “This is my blood”, the bread and wine actually become the Body and Blood of Christ.

Lutherans believe in consubstantiation: that the Body and Blood are present with the bread and wine. But Roman Catholics actually believe that the body and blood replace the bread and wine, before it’s eaten.

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