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A Brief History of Christianity (From Adam to Zwingli) Part 4

A Brief History of Christianity (From Adam to Zwingli) Part 4 published on No Comments on A Brief History of Christianity (From Adam to Zwingli) Part 4

Protestantism in Europe was breaking off into different denominations as guys like Zwingli, Calvin, and Luther came up with different ideas about the new standards to replace the old Catholic ones.

But England was still Catholic… until Henri VIII got sick of his wife’s “failure” to produce him a son and wanted to get a new one. Problem is, divorce is against the Catholic rules. Only the Pope could annul Henry’s marriage — and didn’t. The solution?

Henry VIII: Get Parliament to pas this act… … which makes me head of the Church in England.

(Yes, the king shared power with Parliament that long ago. Told you England was odd.)

This puts England on the following roller coaster: Every ruler changes the national religion to whatever they happen to favor.

Henry VIII: Still basically Catholic, but I’m in charge!

Edward VI: I die young, but Protestantism advances.

Jane I: I’m only queen for twelve days anyway. (Protestant.) [See the movie Lady Jane for details]

Mary I: I restore Catholicism and suppress the Protestants.

Elizabeth I: I establish the Church of England, which is a form of Protestantism but closer to Catholicism than most. Also, I’m a great queen. The country adores me to this day.

The Church of England is sort of the mother church of the worldwide Anglican denomination, including the Episcopal Church in the USA. Because they don’t have all the Catholic rules, but do have some very Catholic elements (such as bishops), some Anglicans jokingly call themselves “Catholic Lite”.

Vatican City
National Religion: Catholicism
World center of: Catholicism

Nat’l religion: Church of England (Anglican)
World center of: Anglican Church.


Given all this…

given all this, you would think that the Catholics would get along better with Anglicans than any other religious group, Christian or otherwise.

You would think

Integra: Who let the Catholic in??

Enrico: Hey! We couldn’t even deal with you heretics if it weren’t a direct order from the Vatican!

Of course, you’d be dead wrong.

Jesus: Um, guys? I said “Peace”…

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