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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 23/26

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 23/26 published on No Comments on Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 23/26

Enrico: Wait a minute… if you were trying to “get away from it all”, why did you bring paperwork?

Not to mention suggesting that we take separate lifeboats—knowing full well that it would be safer to stay together—and then rationalize it as being myfault? Did you have your own rescue already planned— —is Hellsing responsible for the crash?

Integra: Of course not! The only reason I don’t suspect Iscariot is that you seem too honestly stupefied by the situation.

Enrico: Or it could have been the organization responsible for the freak chips. You still haven’t taken care of them.

Integra: Meaning you can blame Hellsing either way.

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