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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 4/26

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 4/26 published on No Comments on Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 4/26

A quarter of an hour later…

Integra: Can you think of any other times?

Walter: Just one. You were eight years old. They never did rebuild that amusement park.

But this time will be different. I promise — we’ve worked out a few precautions to make sure that no vampires will disturb you this time. First: sunlight is hateful at best, fatal at worst to vampires. The brighter, the more harmful. Second: running water poses a problem. And the ocean itself is like the pits of hell to them.

Put together sunlight, the ocean, and relaxation, and you get…

Integra: Do enlighten me.

Walter: A Caribbean cruise.

Integra: I was afraid of that.

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