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St. Patrick’s Day/Manga Release

St. Patrick’s Day/Manga Release published on No Comments on St. Patrick’s Day/Manga Release

The release date was in fact delayed until April 7, setting a pattern.


Manga Integra: What was that for?

Alucard: It’s St. Patrick’s Day and you’re not wearing green. Therefore, according to the Police Girl, I have every right to pinch you.

Integra: I don’t have time to deal with you right now, Alucard. The second Hellsing manga volume comes out in English today, so I’m a little busy. Go pinch the anime version of me, or something.

Alucard: I can’t do that.

Integra: And why not?

Alucard: Because she always wears green.

Anime Integra; There are advantages to being in color.

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