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Seussentennial Bonus

Seussentennial Bonus published on No Comments on Seussentennial Bonus

Cameo: a Wocket.

We interrupt this storyline to bring you…

Integra (thinking): …?

Integra: Walter, could you come up here for a moment?

Walter: You called, sir?

Integra: Tell me, is there any particular reason to be commemorating Dr. Seuss today?

Walter: Dr. Seuss, the famous, whimsical, rhyming genius who is probably the best-selling children’s book author in history? I do believe today would have been his one-hundredth birthday. Why do you ask?

Integra: because there seems to be a Wocket in my pocket.

And I also feel certain there’s a Jertain in the curtain.

Walter: Happy Seussentennial, everyone.

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