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Helena’s Reviews: Carmilla

Helena’s Reviews: Carmilla published on No Comments on Helena’s Reviews: Carmilla

For links to this and other public-domain classics, check out the Vampire Literature page.

Helena: For those times when you don’t have access to a library, there are plenty of good books readily available over the Internet — like this one…

Now, here is a title you may recognize…Carmilla, by J. Sheridan LeFanu, is a vampire classic that predates Dracula. Its narrator is the girl named Laura…

Baobhan sith: May I cut in for a moment?

I would just like to point out that I’m not Carmilla, no matter what the dub dialogue says. (For one thing, she had dark hair, while I’m a natural blonde.) Carmilla was a friend of mine — trust the subtitles on this one.

Helena: That’s right. What we have here is just a common baobhan sith.

Baobhan sith: Oh, I’m not “common”…want a demonstration?

Helena: Aren’t humans more your type?

So you see, not only is Carmilla a good book in its own right…it’ll help you understand the dynamics and background of Hellsing’s Order 09. Especially when you realize that Baron Vordenburg was a colleague of Professor Van Helsing. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have to take out the trash.

Baobhan sith: hey! Easy on the hair!

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