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Duel Vampires

Duel Vampires published on No Comments on Duel Vampires

Seras: Hah! Luke Valentine with cross beats Alucard!

Alucard: Should’ve powered up next turn…

Seras: So unless you have an Integra in reserve–

Alucard: Which I don’t.

Seras: Then I win!

Integra: What are you two doing?

Seras: Playing a card game from one of Master’s friends.

It’s a little like Pokémon or that game from Yu-Gi-Oh. You duel with your vampires, equipped with different items — or you power up and use vampiric abilities. You play until one side is out of vampires — the Integra card will resurrect one.

I have to go — I’m on duty in five. Maybe we can all play a game together later.

Integra: …

“One of Master’s friends”?

Alucard: Would you believe, a kid named Yugi with MPD?

Integra: No.

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