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Cigar Break 12/12

Cigar Break 12/12 published on No Comments on Cigar Break 12/12

Day 30 rolls around at last…

Seras: …and you haven’t smoked a single cigar! I must admit, I never thought someone who smokes as much as you do could just up and quit that abruptly.

Integra: It’s a gift. So are you satisfied now, police girl? That I’m not addicted?

Seras: I guess so!

Walter: Did she just say Integra’s not a cigar addict?

Alucard: There are times when I swear that woman’s not human.

Early that morning:

Seras (thinking): Has somebody scented this room? It smells like…steak and kidney pie…?!

[Limited release complete — see you next time!]

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