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Beauty and the Beast 9/34

Beauty and the Beast 9/34 published on No Comments on Beauty and the Beast 9/34

Diane: Diane Elizabeth Huntington; charmed.

Integra: Integra Wingates Hellsing; pleased to meet you.

Diane: You can ask the orchestra to play something special if you like; a vocalist will arrive later in the evening.

James: James Earl Huntington; enchanted.

Integra: Pleased to meet you as well.

James: The pleasure is all mine. Refreshments are on the side table. Promise to save me a dance, Miss Hellsing?

Integra: That’s “sir.”

James: I beg your pardon?

Integra: As a Knight of the Round Table, my proper title is “Sir Hellsing,” not “miss.”

James: Ohhhh.

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