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Shopping Spree 24/28

Shopping Spree 24/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 24/28

Seras (thinking): Master, I know you’re there.
Alucard (telepathy): Very good, Police Girl.

Seras (thinking): You found those gloves; I saw them and insisted that Walter accept them because of you.
Alucard (telepathy): It took you too long to work that out.
Seras (thinking): You got me back on track at the dressing room too, didn’t you?
Alucard (telepathy): Of course.

Seras (thinking): Those gloves — they do go perfectly with Sir Integra’s hair.
Alucard (telepathy): *heh* Don’t they, though?
Walter: Miss Victoria! I believe this is the dress we want!

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